Welcome to the new home page of Scott Wells, author of the unique science-fiction novels The Merxyn Experiment and Defenders of Humanity.

Many people have come here to read my incredible inner spiritual journeys and the wisdom they have given me.  These journeys have brought to the surface past lives, whose stories have shaped my very soul: a murdered eight year-old boy and the redemption of his killer, a child forced into the army at age thirteen, and a warrior betrayed by the god to which he gave his faith.  All of these revelations, and the wisdom gain from them, only formed the precursor to what has been, so far, my most powerful journey, that of my soul awakening.  During this week-long adventure in South Africa in May 2014, I came face to face with my deepest, darkest fears, the most hurt part of my soul, that which I had pushed away and shunned. It has been only by facing all of this, and reintegrating it back as part of me, that I have been able to access my own power once again, and begin to create my life, instead of continuing being a victim to it.  Again, you can about all this on my spiritual journey page.

Here, you will also find some soul-inspired music that I created with Garageband as well as a bit about me, plus a contact form if you wish to email me.

I thank you for visiting, and I hope that you enjoy the journey!